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Our Mission

Protect Your Device

Protect Our Planet


of phone cases

composed by a single-material

7.5 mil


have made sustainable choices with us

56 tons

of plastic reduction

by adopting a new, eco-responsible packaging


pieces of used cases

collected since 2022

Our Way

From Zero to Hero

2nd Life: Designed to be Renewable

Environmental issues caused by materials should be solved by material scientists. From the moment of birth, all RHINOSHIELD products and packaging are infused with the DNA of recyclable or renewable materials. When you say goodbye to these accessories, they will be able to enter our circular ecosystem and be reborn.

One and Only: Mono Material

Traditional recycling still leads to unnecessary material loss and resource waste. RHINOSHIELD is committed to using mono material, significantly reducing raw material waste and carbon footprint. When materials are simplified, the recycling efficiency is maximized.

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0 in on Net Zero

0 carbon footprint, 0 waste, 0 climate impact… To achieve these grand goals, we must fully commit to action to close the gap. As a leading brand in protective accessories, it is our responsibility to lead the way and extend the sustainability requirements from each link to the complete circular ecosystem.

"As RHINOSHIELD's influence extends globally, the things we need to protect also expand from tech devices, personal health to the environment. We believe that material technology is the origin for RHINOSHIELD and the foundation for our sustainable actions."

— Eric Wang, CEO

Our Circularity

Virtuous Cycle for Ecological Growth


Materials used are strictly non-toxic, pollution-free, and meet food-grade standards. Safer for your health and the Earth.


We are committed to a mono-material approach, which maximizes our product’s recyclability and renewability.


By innovating our material engineering, we’re able to prolong product lifespan. Durability is strengthened and sustainability is enhanced.


We cut down on our carbon footprint at every step by reducing waste, optimizing energy efficiency and the use of raw materials.

Better Together

Strength in Numbers

Recycled by You,Remade by RHINOSHIELD

Benefit the Earth, benefit you. In 2022, we launched our used-case recycling program in Taiwan storefronts. We value every user's love for our products and express our gratitude through trade-in rewards.

Achieving Sustainability with Conscious Choices

Protect your beloved gadgets or protect the nature you love? At RHINOSHIELD, we insist on both. Explore all products now and see how we're practicing sustainability through innovative materials.

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