TOTEM Crystalline Series: Lasting Clarity and Distinctive Style!

Discover unparalleled clarity and lasting aesthetics with the Crystalline Series, featuring advanced yellowing resistance technology. This innovative feature ensures that your case maintains its crystal-clear transparency over time, defying the typical discoloration that can occur with other materials. Elevate your device's protection while enjoying a case that remains as pristine as the day you first embraced it.

  • SIngle Mould Material

  • Anti Yellowing Clarity

  • Tailored Fit

Single Mould Material Case Construction

Experience innovation in its purest form with the Crystalline Series' Single Mould Material Case construction. Unlike conventional methods, this revolutionary approach crafts the case as a single, unified entity. The result is an unbroken, sleek design that not only enhances protection but also complements your iPhone's aesthetics. This construction method ensures a snug fit, impeccable durability, and a seamless feel in hand.

Anti-Yellowing Clarity that Lasts the Test of Time

Harness the power of German engineering within the Crystalline Series. The Non-Yellowing and Advanced Yellowing Resistance technology defy the march of time, keeping your case crystal-clear even with extended usage. This German innovation forms an invisible shield, protecting against factors like UV exposure that typically cause yellowing. The result? A case that remains as vibrant as the day it first adorned your device.

Meticulous Precision in Fit and Functionality

Precision is the cornerstone of the Crystalline Series. The case is meticulously designed to align seamlessly with your iPhone, embracing its form while granting easy access to all functions. Every cut-out, port, and contour is shaped with meticulous attention, offering unobstructed access and enhancing usability. The result is a case that seamlessly integrates into your device's identity while enhancing both protection and user experience.

Enhanced Magnetic Connectivity for Seamless Charging

Experience a new dimension of convenience with the Crystalline Series' Built-in N52 Magnets. These powerful magnets, with a magnetic attraction reaching an impressive 2600GS, redefine the way you interact with your device. Whether it's for Wireless/MagSafe Charging or accessory attachment, these magnets ensure a seamless, robust connection. Charging becomes effortless, attachment becomes stable, and your device's functionality reaches new heights.

3 Feet Drop Protection

Accidents happen, but they don't have to dictate your device's fate. With the Crystalline Series, rest assured that your iPhone is fortified with advanced 3-foot Drop Protection. Engineered to absorb and disperse impact forces, this feature safeguards your device from unexpected falls. Its proactive design minimizes potential damage, ensuring your iPhone remains resilient, no matter what comes its way.

Changeable Aluminium Buttons

Dive into the realm of personalization with the Crystalline Series' Changeable Aluminum Buttons. These buttons offer not only a burst of color but also enhance functionality. Mix and match to your heart's content, tailoring the case to your unique style. The buttons aren't just about aesthetics; they're ultra-responsive, elevating your interaction with your device. It's personalization that goes beyond appearance, offering a tactile experience that matches your individuality.

Slim Fit Design

Elegance meets practicality in the Crystalline Series' Slim Fit design. Embrace a case that seamlessly melds with your device, preserving its sleek profile while offering essential protection. The case's unobtrusive design doesn't compromise on grip; it's comfortable to hold and easy to carry. Let your iPhone's aesthetics shine while safeguarding it from daily wear and tear.

Colorful Collection to Match Your Style

Discover a spectrum of possibilities with our diverse range of colors, perfectly curated to complement your unique style. Elevate your device aesthetics with our selection of hues that harmonize with every preference, ensuring your technology remains an extension of your personal flair. Experience a blend of form and function as you choose from our vibrant palette, all while maintaining the utmost protection and elegance for your device.

Crystalline Case