TOTEM Corning Gorilla Glass with Applicator: Precision and Protection Combined!

Experience the epitome of screen protection with TOTEM's Corning Gorilla Glass, meticulously engineered to flawlessly fit your Apple iPhone. This screen protector is meticulously designed to offer a snug, case-friendly fit for iPhone screens, ensuring both precision and protection.

  • Anti-Static, Dust-Resistant Shield

  • Crystal-Clear Visuals

  • Edge-to-Edge Protection

  • Flawless Touch Screen Sensitivity

  • 10 Times Stronger Impact Protection

Anti-Static, Dust-Resistant Shield

Say goodbye to dust woes during installation. TOTEM's screen protector boasts an anti-static treatment on its *AB glue layer*, mitigating the impact of frictional static electricity. This revolutionary feature reduces dust adsorption, increasing the success rate of sticking and making the application process smoother.

Crystal-Clear Visuals

Elevate your viewing experience with TOTEM's screen protector. We've harnessed the power of static resistance *AB glue, optical-grade OCA semi-solid gel* imported from Germany. This combination minimizes screen protector haze, significantly enhancing transmittance and delivering a visually superior experience.

Edge-to-Edge Protection

The screen protector's edges offer more than just protection; they're fortified to bear a remarkable 15kg of force. With over 8000 friction-resistant tests under its belt, this ultra-thin protector stands the test of time while maintaining its sleek profile.

Flawless Touch Screen Sensitivity

Navigate your device with precision using TOTEM's Corning Gorilla Glass. Measuring a mere *0.33mm in thickness* and featuring premium adhesive, this screen protector guarantees a seamless touchscreen experience. Every touch, swipe, or tap is as precise as if interacting directly with your phone's glass.

Scratch & Smudge Resistant

Keep your screen pristine with TOTEM's screen protector. The *oleophobic coating* resists sweat and oily residue, ensuring your viewing experience remains impeccable. Achieve 100% clarity without worrying about fingerprints, as our *vacuum-plating anti-fingerprint oil* ensures a smooth, clear screen.

10 Times Stronger Impact Protection

Prepare your device for a world of unexpected challenges. Our Corning Gorilla Glass sets a new standard in screen protection, being engineered to be 10 times stronger than traditional protectors. This impressive durability ensures that your screen remains unscathed even in the face of accidental drops and sudden impacts, granting your device the fortitude to withstand the rigors of daily life.

Corning Gorilla Glass