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Have you ever held something that fits perfectly in your hand? That felt like it truly belonged to you and only you. That’s Totem. An emblem of your identity. A symbol of your individuality. A possession that reflects who you are.

Thoughtfully designed components crafted to complete you. After all, you don’t just choose a Totem. It chooses you.


Lifetime Replacement

Shop with peace of mind knowing Totem products will last the lifetime of the device it protects.

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MFI Certified
Lightning Cable USB-C Built with Kevlar®
The fastest possible way to charge your iPhone. Charge from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.



I’m using the Aramid Fiber case from Totem. Let me tell you, it’s the first time I’m using a phone case and I absolutely love it. It’s so well built, has a clean finish and looks premium just like my phone.

The pin and SIM card holder is an added saviour for a forgetful person like me. The best part, I am not scared if my phone drops now.  

Vishal Khimraj
Aramid Fiber Case User

Glad to have got a phone case which I finally like. I just love the feel of it. I’m a person who frequently changes my phone case, but i think i will stick on to this for sometime.

Thank you team Totem for the changeable buttons options, it might be a small detail, but it surely gives me something new to look forward to.

Tishal Vishal
Matte Blue Case User

Was hunting for a nice silicone cover for my iPhone XR when I came across Totem, I have been using their silicone cover since a week now and I am totally appalled.

It looks premium and stylish but unlike other cheap silicone covers it doesn't slip from my hand, has a very sturdy grip and a very premium feel to it. Thank you team Totem!

Sudeshna Sahoo
Silicone Case User

After dropping my phone and breaking the screen, I knew it was time for me to get a hard case for my iPhone. A friend suggested to buy a totem case,

At first I was skeptical but later I obliged, I am very happy with the sturdy and premium build of the Graphene cover that I recently bought it not only looks classy but provides an all round protection for my phone.Thanks team totem for saving me a lot of money on screen replacements.

Richeek Gupta
Graphene Case User